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Meet the team all based at Windmill School - Margaret Road - Oxford OX3 8NG
ES October 2015 Information Leaflet
Lesley WilliamsHeadington Partnership Coordinator
Lesley Williams

07982 439 828  

My role is now very part time and involves coordinating meetings for the Partnership Headteachers and attending community meetings  with other agencies as well as organising cross-partnership events

I continue to facilitate occasional Parenting and Family Learning courses and workshops and out of school hours arts projects, particularly linked to community events such as Oxford’s Light Night and the Cowley Road Carnival, as long as we can find funding for them.

I maintain the Partnership Student Council and other enrichment activities, both in school time and after, particularly for groups of students from the 4 primary schools to meet and learn together. We hold partnership World School Sport Days for KS1 & KS2 in the summer term.
Tresa KnightHome School Community Link Worker
Tresa Knight

07917 262 029

I work with families and all ages of pupils over the eight schools within the partnership. My role is to help improve outcomes for children and young people by working in partnership with families, parents, carers, pupils and other professionals. Ideally my focus will be on preventable and early intervention activities. The three core functions of my role are: parenting support and information in school and home; parental engagement in their child's learning; school attendance and exclusions. To achieve these core functions my work may involve supporting parents by helping them to improve their parenting skills and providing appropriate information or referrals; encouraging good relations and effective dialogue between parents and schools; carrying out home visits to support parents and to encourage their children to maintain full and regular attendance. This is a brief outline as each family I work with requires different support in different areas and the role of the home school community link worker certainly varies from day to day
Counselling and play therapy are still available in Partnership schools but Sue Harrison is self employed and contracted by the individual school.

Sue Harrison

I support children to explore and understand muddled feelings and upsetting events that they haven't been able to sort out. They may choose to talk through what is troubling them but may also communicate using a wide variety of play materials including drawing, painting, clay, play dough, role play, puppets, story and music. In this way I work with children at their own level and pace

Maintaining a safe and trusting environment is essential and so the details of individual sessions remain confidential unless concerns arise that require school child protection procedures to be followed. Signed parental consent is required at the initial referral stage.

Sue Harrison
Extended Services team based at Windmill School
Margaret Road OX3 8NG
01865 762 509

Learning Mentors   School office  
Bayards Hill Daniel Murphy 01865 761 656  
Windmill Sue Lockey 01865 762 509  
Wood Farm Alison Britnell 01865 762 575  
  Heather Weitzl    
  Tanya Wiseman   twis2589@wood-farm.oxon.sch.uk
Cheney Counsellor Debbie Chapel 01865 765 726 dch@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
College Assistants      
Austin Sally Marsh 01865 755 238 smh@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Curie Lynne Owen 01865 755 253 low@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
King Dan Ormrod 01865 755 202 dor@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Newton Alison Hawkins 01865 755 256 ahs@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Owens Cheryl Howells 01865 755 272 cho@cheney.oxon.sch.uk
Parks Ann Blair 01865 755 278 abl@cheney.oxon.sch.uk