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Headington Partnership of schools Extended Services:
Vision and Aims

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In 'extending' our schools and developing close working links with other agencies and services in Headington, we aim to
  • tackle disadvantage and address social inequality
  • improve the life chances for families (& other adults) as well as children, teaching them how to make the right choices
  • help parents to be stronger, more confident and educated about health, exercise and learning
  • strengthen the community
  • pool resources in order for the extended offer to be sustainable
  • monitor outcomes & prove value added through improved attitudes to learning, greater exposure to ideas and experiences
These inter-relate with the established Partnership aims: Our mission as a group of schools is to promote community, continuity and cooperation by
  • sharing good practice in order to provide continuous high quality education for our students throughout their schooling
  • supporting each other and promoting Headington as a learning community
Objectives for the Partnership within this shared vision
  • to promote lifelong learning
  • to promote inclusion in all its aspects in our schools
  • to promote collaboration in order to ensure progression and continuity across all phases and schools in the Headington Partnership
  • to develop learning and teaching skills in order to give children a wider knowledge & understanding of the world and their place within it
  • to encourage social responsibility, self awareness & self esteem
  • to raise the expectation of every pupil throughout the Partnership to ensure that all achieve at the highest possible level, whatever their individual talents
  • to develop collaborative enrichment projects