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Headington Partnership has established a Partnership Student Council, comprising representatives from each of the 5 individual School Councils, with some adults on hand to help with arrangements and give advice.

The purpose is to share and gather information about successes and issues that affect the young people in all the local schools and, where possible, to propose solutions. The Chair and Secretary’s roles have previously been taken by students from Cheney but they may eventually train the younger Councillors.

Partnership Student Council meeting : 14.11.13 : Risky behaviours

14 Councillors from the 4 Partnership primary schools met at Windmill School with Lesley Williams, Partnership Coordinator, and 3 members of school staff in support and with  Rachel Taylor, who is Oxfordshire County Council Senior Engagement Officer.

Rachel is doing some research and asked a series of questions about what the children perceive as ‘risky’ and whether  they know what to do when they feel unsafe or threatened; and why people do wrong/silly/dangerous things. The Councillors responded with an amazingly long list; wisdom on how to keep safe and mature perception about reasons for behaviours.

You can read all their answers here.

2015-16 meetings

23.09.15 - Team and confidence building for Y6 Councillors at Oxford Brookes climbing wall


2014-15 meetings

We are retaining the Cheney leadership structure but rotating the Council meetings to the different schools

22.10.14 - Students addressing bullying

26.11.14 - Respect

04.02.15 - School assemblies

25.03.15 - Exciting classroom


2013-14 meetings

From the beginning of 2014, we established a new structure, with a group of five Y9 Cheney students, who are on the Student Voice ‘Learn2Lead’ and ‘Cheney Hero’ programmes, planning and facilitating the Council in a series of issue based meetings, held at Cheney School on a Wednesday afternoon. Each session includes cooperative games, discussion, art and/or drama. The subjects covered have been :

22.01.14 - Peer pressure

05.03.14 - Happy playgrounds - see ‘Happy playground code’, which was
taken back to each school, to establish a partnership policy

23.04.14 - Cooperative learning – see ‘Cooperative learning’ code. which
was taken back to each school, to establish a partnership policy

11.06.14 - A summary meeting