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The transfer from Y6 in primary schools to Y7 in secondary is an exciting time but can be worrying for students and parents. The majority of the Y6 children in the partnership primary schools transfer to Cheney School, and the process is described below but those moving to other schools also experience a similar programme, receiving all  the necessary information and support

Cheney School has a transition team, members of which visit the Headington Partnership schools to facilitate the transition from primary to secondary school.  Each primary school also has a named member of staff to aid a positive transition process for all children

Evening information meetings for parents and students are held in May and a daytime ‘welcome to college’ session in June.

During term 6, one of the transition team visits the primary schools and works with groups of students, answering questions, looking at timetables and homework planners and generally having a chat about what it's like to be at Cheney.

Some students are also able to take part in a programme of transition visits to Cheney in order to get to know staff, older students and the buildings.  Y6 class teachers recommend  those students who will find this helpful. The Learning Mentors they meet are at Cheney on the Transfer Days at the end of June/early July  so the young people will know a friendly adult face when they arrive at Cheney!

Students from Bayards Hill School, because of its academy relationship with Cheney, benefit from extra visits to Cheney and from Cheney staff

Two transfer days in late June/early July  for all the new Y7 students offer taster sessions in a variety of subjects, a chance to meet their college staff, experience lunch in the canteen, the timing of life at Cheney School and to get to know their way around site.

A transition Summer School at the end of August is open by invitation,  following discussion with Y6 staff and the children.  Letters about it go out during term 6.

New for 2015-6 is a brand new Primary Outreach Scheme for local children and parents. The scheme has been designed to be fun and engaging for pupils in Y4, Y5 & Y6, to help demystify secondary schools and to raise aspiration and interest across and beyond the curriculum.  The programme is  run and organised by Cheney School staff and has been designed by Mr D Gimson, Higher Attainers Co-ordinator and Dr L Robinson, Director of educational charity The Iris Project, which has a base at Cheney School.  See the link to the programme on Cheney website.