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Go4it! becomes Pupil Premium
Go4itFrom 2010-11, the last Government allocated some short term national funding to a 'disadvantage subsidy grant', which Oxfordshire tagged 'Go4it' It provided for economically disadvantaged young people to be supported in accessing out of school hours activities, aiming to promote their well-being, narrow the attainment gap and improve achievement for all.

With Go4it! funding, individual Headington young people accessed funding to: join a tennis club and have lessons, attend ice skating lessons, buy ice skates, attend summer holiday sports schools, attend a Brownie holiday, have horse riding lessons, join a ballet class. Groups had drama, theatre, music making, climbing, ice skating, gardening and street dance experiences! We are proud of the number of students we supported over 2 years 2010-12, as we managed to spread the funding for a further few months.

Schools now receive additional funding in their overall budget through the Pupil Premium for disadvantaged students, based mainly on registration for free schools meals, which they can use as they wish for any support projects, including staffing, school visits etc. but with the aim of closing the  attainment gap and raising aspirations.

The use of the money must be reported to Governors and the information made available for parents on the school’s website.